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Gavroshe is an international company that has been consulting in Data Management for over 15 years in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). We are widely recognized as the best-of-breed information specialists in Africa. We are also the only independent Data Warehouse consultants in this region. Founded in South Africa, Gavroshe has 3 International operating companies and one satellite
office in the United Kingdom.  The operating companies are:

  • Gavroshe Technologies (Pty) Ltd. for the South African market.
  • Gavroshe USA, Inc. for the United States market.
  • Gavroshe International Limited for the International Market.

We have been delivering our services to the USA Market Place for over 7 years and have a number of highly satisfied reference sites in several sectors of the economy, including:

  • Financial – Investments, Banking and Insurance.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Government.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Motor Industry.
  • Pharmaceuticals.

Countries in which we have operated include USA, UK, France, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.  We work with all the hardware and software vendors who have offerings in the area of Information Factory (IF) and Enterprise Architecture (EA), and have worked both as prime contractor and subcontractor with many of these companies. Several of these vendor companies have appointed us officially as preferred consulting partners for their IF and EA projects.

We have a worldwide pool of 200 associates, ranging from Program and Project Managers, IF/EA Architects, IF/EA Analysts, IF/EA Designers and IF/EA Implementers. These people have experience on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms and all are committed to the vision of the Information Factory (IF) and Enterprise Architecture (EA).

We have access to a further 140 of the top IF and EA specialists in the world through our close Alliances with several international organizations, who augment our services.



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We are independent consultants and specialists in the Methods, Tools and Techniques which support a pragmatic approach to Information Resource Management (IRM). Learn more »

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