Company History

    1988 – Derek Strauss launches first company, Team IRM, in Johannesburg, South Africa, focusing on Data Administration, Information Resource Management and Metadata Repositories.

    1990 – Derek Strauss and Genia Neushloss launch Gavroshe Technologies (Pty) Ltd in Johannesburg, South Africa, adding a Data Warehousing practice.

    1994 – Gavroshe International expands footprint beyond South African borders into United Kingdom, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

    1997 – Gavroshe USA, Inc. formed – first engagement with Bank One in Columbus, OH


    2007 – Bill Inmon, Derek Strauss and Genia Neushloss published DW2.0 – The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing.




    2012 – Mark Johnson joins Gavroshe as President and CEO.

    2013 – Gavroshe launches its new Big Data Warehouse and Textual ETL Consulting practice in partnership w/ Bill Inmon’s company, Forest Rim Technologies.

    2016 – Derek Strauss named as Gavroshe CEO.



    What We Do

    We are independent consultants and specialists in the Methods, Tools and Techniques which support a pragmatic approach to Information Resource Management (IRM). Learn more »

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