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The Gavroshe consulting team possesses a depth and breadth of expertise across Enterprise Architecture and Data domains. From Information Strategy to Cloud Architecture Team Gavroshe offers a wide variety of domain expertise that can be leveraged to inform, advise, and guide our clients as they make tough decisions about how to generate the greatest return on investment in their data. Our signature Joint Requirements Planning service provides a proven and structured framework for helping our clients’ leadership team measure twice and cut once.

Joint Requirements Planning (JRP)

JRP is an award winning workshop facilitation methodology that enables cross-functional teams to achieve significantly greater alignment and buy-in to decisions taken over traditional facilitated workshop  approaches. Five elements make this approach unique:

  1. Moore Power Alignment Modelpaf-x-page
  2. Human Systems Theory
  3. Human Factor Tools
  4. Learning Environment Format
  5. Post Session Follow Through

This approach is a powerful accelerator for everything from Strategy Development to Data Model Validation. It significantly compresses the time required and produces higher quality collaborative decisions, strategies and plans.


Gavroshe delivers assessment engagements across a wide variety of data management topics in a 6-week time-box. Our process leverages our proven Joint Requirements Planning methodology including a single review, validation, and alignment workshop.

Following is a summary of the activities and approximate schedule for this type of engagement:

  1. Stakeholder and key subject matter expert (SME) identification to be interviewed – including middle and executive management (week 1)
  2. Scheduling and logistics (week 1)
  3. Stakeholder/SME interviews and document collection – one hour each (weeks 1, 2)
  4. Analysis and preparation for the Review and Validation workshop (week 3)
  5. One-day Joint Requirements Planning review, validation, and alignment workshop (week 4)
  6. Analysis and creation of Findings and Recommendations Report (week 5)
  7. Stakeholder Briefing / Next Steps (week 6)



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