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Business Overview

Who We Are

  • Co-Authors with Bill Inmon of the book DW2.0 – The Architecture for the Next Generation of Data Warehousing
  • Creators of the Gavroshe 7 Streams Play Book for Chief Data Officers™
  1. Recognized as an Industry Leader in the area of Office of Chief Data Officer Enablement…
  2. Recognized as an Industry Leader in Comprehensive Data Management Enablement Encompassing ALL Data Assets…
  3. Comprehensive Data Management Expert Practitioners – From Strategy to Performance Tuning and Ongoing Operations

At A Glance…

  1. In our 31st Consecutive Year of Business
  2. Historical development:
    1. Started in Johannesburg, South Africa
    2. Operated International Satellite Offices in Johannesburg, Mauritius, London/UK, and Dubai/UAE
    3. Operated Domestic USA Satellite Offices in Ohio, Silicon Valley, Texas and Florida
  3. Office Locations:
    1. Dublin, OH
    2. Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
    3. Naples, FL
    4. Toronto, Canada
  4. Global Reach and Customer Base
  5. Experience in all Industry Verticals, including:
    1. Financial Services (Banking, Investments, Insurance)
    2. Manufacturing
    3. Services

We Focus Exclusively on Data and Analytics.

Why? Because Data (Information), and its analysis, IS the reason we have Information Technology, and it is here to stay!



What We Do

We are independent consultants and specialists in the Methods, Tools and Techniques which support a pragmatic approach to Information Resource Management (IRM). Learn more »

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DW2.0 Training
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